Din `gloriosul` album al zionistilor evrei… From the `glorious` album of the jewish zionists…






Pentru ca am fost criticat si pentru ca multi nu inteleg despre ce e vorba, m-am hotarat sa difuzez niste poze clare si edificatoare. Aceste sunt luate din albumul acesta (faceti clic pe cuvantul subliniat) si de pe cautari pe internet. Prima poza prezinta ideologia (NA)ZIonista si beneficiile unei educatii `sanatoase` din partea statului Israel, pentru un viitor stralucit generatiilor care vin din urma. Restul va puteti da seama ca pot proveni din locuintele, cartierele, strazile, lagarele de concentrare, adaposturile, etc. in care sunt detinuti palestinienii fara a avea drepturi fundamentale cum ar fi cel de un proces corect. Dar cine mai sta pe ganduri cand e vorba de maretul stat Israel, garantat personal de Dumnezeu si finantat de bancherii `inimosi` pentru a avea arme nucleare, putere nelimitata si dreptul de a macelari goymi?

Because I was criticised and because many do not understand what is all about I decided to publish some clear and compelling photos. These where taken from this album and from many searches on the internet. First picture represent the (NA)ZIonist ideology and these benefits of an `healthy` education from the Israeli state, for an bright future of the generations that will come. The rest of the pictures you can easily understand that they come from their houses, neighborhoods, streets, concentration camps, refugee camps, etc. where the palestinians are kept in detention. But who give a thought when is about the great Israel state, personally guaranteed by the God and financed by the `good` bankers to have nuclear weapons, unlimited power and the right to slaughter goyims?


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